Monday, September 26, 2011

The Battle of my Bulge

After a rather long respite from writing, I've decided to come back...strangely enough to write about a journey away from food.

I have taken a path towards deliberate weight loss.  Something that my body needs, my vanity demands, my age requires and my family is excited about...well, OK, I'm excited too.

My Cohen Lifestyle eating plan, tailor fit for me based on my body type, size and blood profile, was given to me about 2 weeks ago and I started the journey last week.  For someone as food-obsessive as I am, it's been a bit of a challenge.  I have tried making it more exciting by trying other cooking techniques and processes.  But it seems there's only so much you can do with 140 gms of protein and  105 gms of vegetables, no artificial seasoning, no soy sauce, no wine, no sugar, no oil...the highlights of my past week were poached egg on a bed of garlic spinach and a shrimp sinigang soup soured with lemon - life has become soooo exciting.

I was told my hunger pangs should be disappearing soon as my body adjusts to my less than generous food quotas...."in a few days."  I'm on week 2 and "in a few days" has never felt so long.

I continue to watch the Asian Food Channel, Food Safari..I continue to read my cookbooks and magazines.  But I keep myself from getting too emotional and teary-eyed like I was remembering some dear departed loved one.

I am slowly (and painfully) beginning to appreciate the value of each calorie and wonder what eating and cooking will be like when I commence my "re-entry" plan.  I am already developing plans on what I'd like to eat on my first day, second day, third day after re-entry.  I have just decided what to have on my 228th day and feel I am far from finished.

Challenged?  You betcha.  

Hungry?...... OMG!!!! Yessss!!!


If I am to believe our (less than accurate) bathroom scale, I have lost 18 pounds the past week.  Pants that I couldn't even close last week, slip on and fit quite comfortably.  Let's not get overly excited now.....I am not (yet) a lean and mean fighting machine with bulging biceps and six packs on my six packs....thirty six packs for the number-impaired. 

So if week 1 is indicative of what will happen, then bring it on!!!!

Stay tuned.