Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 1 as a Blogger

Many things drove me to begin writing in a blog...scratching a writer's itch that hasn't been scratched in years, sharing and reflecting on what I have tasted, been tasting, want to taste and will taste in this life, caving in to my loving wife's pleadings to do some writing and a secret, egotistical belief that I can, in fact, write as well as, if not better than many of the bloggers out there acknowledging, however, the presence of a lot of thoughtful, entertaining and inspiring talent in the bloggers' world. I think I've led a fairly interesting life powered by just enough curiosity, an active imagination and (in my mind) an enviable sense of humor.

Why tikim? Because I've believed that the best way to enjoy life is to take a dip and at least take a nibble, a sniff, a taste, if not truly gobble it up and live in the moment. The allusion to food and taste is not coincidental. I like food. I like to eat and to cook, to try new flavours, to watch others eat, cook and enjoy. I like making connections to places through food and food culture. Travel is not complete without tasting and (hopefully) enjoying the local delicacies, prepared in authentic settings, using authentic ingredients.

But tasting is not just about food but, more broadly, about life. Having been around for some 46 years, I've had the benefit of tasting and trying other things and other adventures...bungee jumping in New Zealand, scuba diving in Tubbataha, going to market day in the little towns of the Luberon in Provence, riding a Ducati Monster in the hills of Rizal or just taking pictures of my children in the perfect light of day.

So I embark on this blog...another adventure, another bite out of life...maybe a new flavor..tikman natin.


  1. You truly are a gifted writer, among many other things. It's wonderful that you have finally done some writing. Blogging is a great start. I hope someday soon, it will be magazine column writing or better yet, photo-cookbook-travel book writing: ) TIKIM is an excellent concept. I look forward to tasting what you have to offer in the coming days, weeks, months and years.

  2. I share your passion for food, travel and life. Gutom pa ako!!!!! Patikim ng susunod na blog!!!!

  3. So you've gone to the blog-side......

    I too look forward to a photo-cookbook-travel book, I am sure that you have plenty of resourceful friends that can help with photos and graphic layout!

    Must catch up soon! Love Heat

  4. So.... is this food for thought or

    thoughts of food ??????

  5. ummm ... midlife? been there, and it never ends. A good release this one, keep on writing.

  6. hello mr tikim man!... i actually saw your link from benjie reyes (since im researching for antipolo - from food to interesting sites) as im doing some articles for a few magazines - although i haven't finished viewing your entire blog - your entry on day 1 alone made me write to you. and mind you, this is the first ever comment i am doing - to someone i haven't met and only on a blog. im writing this because for one, like you, i have finally decided to give writing a chance - i've been in the tv production industry for a decade but i have longed to write since high school. and i have also started my own blog (although i still have to regularly update that)... you can indeed write - and write well. and you do have a catchy name for the blog - simple but rings a bell - it's also the title of my previous cooking show - makuha ka sa tikim.
    enjoy writing!

  7. Thanks, Pia. I think that the content that will populate TIKIM depends on inspiration, creative moments as well as comments such as yours.